Discover our Villas

Villa Antica Aia takes its name from a completely renovated ‘900 rural building.

All the materials used were chosen from those proposed by local companies that produce and resell in the area, with great attention to the promotion and redevelopment of the territory and its treasures, such as the characteristic Modica stone and wood.

Our goal was to remain faithful to the original structure, renovating only the interiors.

Our history

We have undertaken this activity, with great enthusiasm, because we like the idea of being able to compare ourselves with people who come from other countries, who may speak another language or have different habits from ours. We will be happy to welcome you and we will do everything to transform your trip into the most beautiful holiday you can spend in Sicily.


Not only holiday homes, Campagne di Sicilia offers the possibility to book, during the period of stay, a wide range of services and experiences to fully enjoy your holiday.

Where to find us

We are located in Scicli, Sicily, very close to the places of Montalbano: Modica, the homeland of chocolate, Ragusa Ibla and Noto, the places where you can admire the architectural beauty of the Baroque.